Welcome to the 1st of many learning apps for your child.
Welcome to a relationship-builder with your kid!
Welcome to Learning with Mommy!

  • 1st Learning with Mommy app for Target
  • Purchase in app store for iOS only
  • Costs $1.99

App designer Jessica Hulcy


  • Every mother wants her child to be brilliant and have the best education.

    BUT… good pre-schools are expensive and mothers are busy with chores and errands.

    ENTER Learning with Mommy, a program designed to help moms
    teach their toddlers through elementary kids to be brilliant
    while kids do errands and home chores with their moms. 

    The key is TALKING to your child. Ph.D. author, Jane Healy, said in her book Endangered Minds,

    "Conversation builds
    executive brains."

    Learning with Mommy is a series of apps that model conversations moms should have with kids
    in the car, at the store, or at home about what the child is seeing or doing. These conversations
    teach toddlers and older kids...

    Observe, Identify, Name, Colors/Shapes, Match, Listen/Speak, Reason/Think, Conclude…

    not only reading readiness skills, BUT higher level thinking skills as well!

Sample of App

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  • Learning with Mommy
    at Target
    has an Index divided into
    Sub-Categories and then
    divided into over 1,100 Items
    found in Target stores.

    The Items are grouped in
    Learning with Mommy
    just like they are arranged on the aisles
    at Target stores, so moms should find
    several of the items in a sub-category
    on the same aisle or in the
    same area in the store.

    • Use the Index and Sub-Categories to find the Item or Area you are headed for in Target.
    • Once on the aisle, ask the toddler/preschooler to Find an Item on the aisle from the picture on the app.
    • Next, ask the toddler to Name the Item.
    • Finally ask the toddler to Tell the Use of the Item...or the Color of the Item… or the Shape of the Itemwhatever the Tell-It screen requires.
    • It is not important to find, name and tell about ALL the items listed. You may just find a few items. That is fine. If you only talk about 25-50 items in a year through several visits to Target, that is success, because you have TALKED about them WITH YOUR CHILD. Nobody is counting and wrong answers are for learning. Just keep the conversation going.
    • Through conversation with your child, you are training your child to observe, identify, name, speak, and listen, PLUS reason and conclude. Very impressive!
    • Be patient. All children do not respond immediately. If a child does not respond, prime the pump and respond for him. Eventually, he will get the idea.
    • Use the Skills List to review skills covered and the Vocab List to find related vocabulary list to refer back to.
    • To bypass the Introduction and Instructions just tap the icon on the front page.
    • Above all else, use this app to have fun and build a relationship between you and your toddler. It is a known fact that laughter improves learning.